Namaste, is a new non-profit media funding organization for the New Age, with New Age values.    We focus on the ‘highest-good-of-all’ rather than on the highest good of some obsolete corporate-america mind-set.

We are the new financial arm, and yes the new kid-in-the-block! Our mission is to fund (free-and-clear), the new generation of truth-telling film makers, news casters, bloggers / writers, painters, artists, historians, archaeologists, anthropologists, lightworkers, comedians, etc. If you are here to make this world a better place, then we will fund you!

Please bare with us as we put-up the finishing touches, so that we may open the doors of our home to you. When we open, you will be able to select from a diverse list of funding options to include – full funding for art work, full funding for your next small, medium, large film, free, private, and secure web hosting for your writing, for your youtubes, for your findings. We are the bank!

“Entering heaven is easy, just feed the poor, practice some form of religious discipline, and speak truth” ………. Muhammad